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21 Things to Expect from your Accountant

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Most people have a close and trusting relationship with their accountant, built up over many years. That’s why we offer our business development programs on a ‘standalone’ basis.

If you wish, you can stay with your current accountant for all the services you enjoy at present, and just ask us to do the extra work that your business needs as it  grows. Work that is beyond the scope of  the service that your current accountant  provides.

Go to the checklist and tick the right-hand column if you feel you need more help from your accountant in any of the 21 areas listed.

Then, print off the checklist and show it to your accountant. You can then ask them how they can give you the extra help you need in the areas you have ticked. Or send it to us so we can tell you how we can help.

Use our simple checklist to help you ensure that your current accountant is giving you all the proactive support and guidance you need to improve your business processes and most importantly, your profits! If not, then call us on 01433 630902.

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