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1. Look at our Improving your Profits page to identify which profit drivers and strategies could have the most impact on your business. Estimate the financial impact of working on these strategies. Ask us how to use ‘Success Driver Mapping’ to evaluate and improve your sales pipeline. Ask us for a free copy of Simple Stuff That Works Module 1 for tested growth ideas.

2. Look at our 43 ways to get PAID page and use the checklist to help you review your debt collection terms and systems. Consider standing orders and direct debits as an alternative way of collecting cash.


How to Increase Cash Flow:

Simple Stuff That Works

Many profitable businesses have failed because they simply could not  get their hands on ready cash...

If you’d like help with any of the suggestions here,  just give us a call 01433 630902

and how to tap into them:

6. Ask us to run a ‘Key Improvement Possibilities report on your tax position, or about our Remuneration Tax planning & Corporation Tax planning services.

7. Ask us to send you a free copy of our TaxAbility checklist so we can review your position and see where you may have overpaid.

8. Contact Business Link to see what grants are available.

} Not generally a course of action to be rushed into. You will usually get a better deal when negotiating with investors when things are going well rather than when you are facing difficulties, since the more successful you are, the more they will pay you for the same stake in your business. If you need help in establishing a commercial value for your business get in touch

Where to start...

3. Use less

4. Pay less for it

5. Pay more slowly


1. Earn More

2. Get Paid Sooner

3. Review your operating procedures to eliminate waste and economise on consumption.

4. Ask suppliers for help. Negotiate discounts.

5. Review payment systems, renegotiate payment terms.

BUT ensure that you maintain good relationships with suppliers or you may find problems later.

AND REMEMBER: Even in an ideal world costs can only be reduced by 100%, whereas sales can be increased by much more than 100%. Use sections 6, 7 and 8 of our  How to Improve Profits page to identify which profit drivers and strategies could have the greatest impact on your costs.

6. Pay less tax

7. Tax refunds

8. Grants/Subsidies


9. Banks

10. Asset Finance

11. Factors

12. Other lenders

} Renegotiate rates. Explore alternative types of the same kind of finance. Explore new types of finance not currently used. Factoring is borrowing secured on your debtors - this is not for everyone and can be expensive.

If you need help working out the best options for you, get in touch.


13. Existing Investors

14. New Investors

 Assets & Investments

15. Increase value of assets

16. Increase return

17. Exploit ‘under-used’

18. Dispose of assets

} Switch to alternatives with higher interest rates, dividends and other income flows. Switch to alternatives that pay income more quickly. Switch to alternatives with higher capital growth so that you can subsequently convert some of the capital into cash. Identify unused assets, hidden assets such as intellectual property, and assets where the value to someone else is higher than their value to you - and explore ways to turn them into cash (such as rental income, licence fees and royalties). Consider which assets to dispose of, taking the tax position into account. Need help with this? Call us on 01433 630902.


19. You

20. Other family members

} Usually this should be regarded as a last resort. It is not sustainable, it is rarely the solution, and it often causes even bigger problems. So exhaust every other possibility first! (Exception: Inheritance Tax Planning for the generation above can often help you to get more cash from the family estate.

If you want help with Inheritance Tax Planning, get in touch

The following can also help in many of the above areas:

7 Sources of Cash..

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