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Call us on 01433 630902

Free Business Health-Check:

 Followed by sound advice on dealing with any issues raised.


How to get your free business health-check:

Simply fax a copy of your last set of accounts to 01433 630776, writing ‘Health-check’ on them.

Or send a copy to Key Accounting Ltd, Thorns, Main Road, Eyam, Hope Valley S32,5QW.

Or send us your figures using the form below.

We calculate some commonly used accounting ratios that  demonstrate how your business is performing. Our report back to you will include practical advice on how to address any issues raised. We run this check for all our clients every year, and help them solve any problems.

That’s assessment and advice for your business with no cost, and with no obligation.

If you have any questions call us on (01433) 630902

Your total sales figure from your most recent  accounts

Your total sales figure from the year before

This is the cost of materials used in production or ‘purchases’

Costs that your business has regardless of sales, like rent & wages

Your net profit figure from your most recent accounts

Your net profit figure from the year before.

Listed under ‘assets’ in your balance sheet

Sole Traders - these are listed in your Trading Profit & Loss account

The total figure on the balance sheet. (it appears twice)

Any bank or other loans - should be listed on your balance sheet

How many hours a week do you work?

How many weeks holiday a year do you take?


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