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System Builder

Research has shown that buyers will pay up to 86% more for a business which differs from its rivals in one crucial relies on the business’s systems - not on the business’s owner.

Click on the links below for more information on our software products. Or, give us a quick call on (01433) 630902 to talk out about installation training and support ornare non, aliquet non, tempus vel, dolor. Integer sapien nibh, egestas ut, cursus sit amet, faucibus a, sapien. Vestibulum purus.

System Builder is cutting-edge software designed to easily systemise your business. It will allow you to build a business which will run like clockwork even when you are not there. By creating systems your business is also much more efficient, profitable and worth more money. A systemised business can also be replicated to create new branches or franchises to quickly expand.

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Build a business that runs like clockwork…

Even when you’re not there!

The key to making a business more valuable is making it LESS dependent on the owner and MORE dependent on systems - so that when you come to sell the business - or just reduce the number of hours that you’re there -  it works just as well without you.


Just imagine being able to have everything run smoothly and efficiently in your absence, or in the absence of other key members of your team. Imagine how easy it would be to train new people when there are clearly defined systems for them to follow. If your business could benefit from creating and documenting an efficient set of operating systems, give us a call on (01433) 630902 to discuss how we can help you.

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The Systems are divided into seven functional areas within a business:

1. Leadership systems for the Directors [e.g.: problem solving, goal setting]

2. Marketing systems to promote and sell your products or services [e.g.: setting prices, press releases, sales meetings]

3. Customer systems for interacting with customers [e.g.:   getting feedback, service standards]

4. People systems for managing and nurturing team members [e.g.: career development program, recruitment process]

5. Finance systems for the financial management of the business [e.g.: basic book-keeping, credit control]

6. Operational systems for delivering your business products or services [e.g.: logistics, instructions, Q.A]

7. Administration systems for administration processes [e.g.: data protection, office security & maintenance]

The key benefits of System BuilderTM include:

Optimal performance in all your business operations

- every time:

Your systems will represent the most effective and efficient way of performing a particular task. Everyone in the business should follow the systems, because the system will be the ‘best way’ to achieve any given operational objective.

Turn your operational know how into systemised working practices:

If most of the business’s operational knowledge is inside the head of you the owner, you can use System BuilderTM to downlaod into a format that everyone can use and understand.

System BuilderTM will enable you to implement a controlled and documented process of delegation. You can also integrate your business’s existing systems into System Builder. The templates allow you to document your own unique operating systems in a simple yet innovative format.

Use or adapt generic systems for universal business functions:

System BuilderTM version 3.5 provides extensive detail on the various aspects of running a business. However, you are able to modify these systems to suit your business.

Technical details:

- Any number of users from 1 to 50

- Different types of administrative    permissions for different types of user

- Networked or standalone installation

- Multiple locations supported

- Free technical support by phone & email

- Easy to upgrade as your business grows

- Lifetime or 12 monthly licensing

- Payment by monthly instalments

- 30 days free trial

- Installation & user guidance at set-up

30 days free trial!

 Call 01433 630902

Call us on 01433 630902 to arrange a no-obligation consultation and find out how System Builder can work for you.

A free 30 day trial of the full program comes as standard.

You can even stay with your existing accountant if you like.

If you are a Sole Trader or Partnership…

you could find that you can pay for your System Builder with just some of the tax savings to be made by forming a new Limited Company and buying your systemised business with it.

Ask us to calculate your potential savings.

Document Best Practice

Empower Your Team

…Free Your Mind!

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