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Our Transition Service

Changing your accountant is a bit like changing your bank. Most people, no matter how unhappy they are with the service, just don’t want to do it. They’re worried that there’s a lot of complicated paperwork that they don’t have time for.

So, we’ve made it a whole lot easier. Call us on 01433 630902 to find out how.

Changing your accountant should mean big tax savings and a fresh perspective on your business and financial affairs. NOT a lot of form-filling and paperwork.

We know you haven’t got time to worry about documents and deadlines, that’s why Key Accounting Ltd have introduced a unique transition service that takes all the pain out of moving.

We will take charge of the process and make sure we do absolutely everything we can whilst moving you over to our practice. After all, as professional accountants we are very well aware of the actions that need to be taken and the process to be followed, so who better to implement and lead you through it?

We keep you informed by using a simple checklist so that you understand what will take place, what stage you are currently at, and when all the requirements have been met and the process is complete.

Key Accounting Ltd  offer a wide range of Business Development Services to evaluate and invigorate any aspect of your business. All of these services can also be taken on a ‘standalone’ basis. If you wish, we can work closely with your existing accountant to make sure we get the data that we need to help you grow your business and you can keep your accounts, tax return  and any other work where it is.

An agreed timeframe

A simple process checklist

We fill in all the forms

We send off all the forms

Close liaison with your current accountant

We obtain all the information we need about your business

We contact H M Revenue & Customs

No hassle and no worry for you

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